Tokens Sold
Current Bonus

Bonus Structure


First 100 Contributors: 15% Bonus -- 1,150 GZR per ETH

Next 400 Contributors: 10% Bonus -- 1,100 GZR per ETH

Remaining Contributors: 7.5% Bonus -- 1,075 GZR per ETH.

Softcap: 333 ETH

Hardcap: 2,300 ETH

Presale Cap: 2,300 ETH

You must use an ERC20 compatible wallet, never send ETH to our smart contract from an exchange wallet or your GZR will be lost.

In order to register for the presale, please provide us with your email and the ETH address you will be using to purchase GZR.


  • DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken or Poloniex. You MUST use an ERC20 compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.
    You must control the private key of your wallet.
  • DO NOT send funds before the Token Sale has begun
  • Set Gas Limit to 250,000 (unused gas will be returned)
  • Your tokens will be sent to your wallet immediately, however, they will remain locked until you pass KYC on SAFT Launch. If your ETH address is on SAFT Launch and you have already passed KYC, your GZR will be unlocked immediately.
    Verify your identity on SAFT Launch